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M113 Armored Mortar Carrier Acquisition Project of the Philippine Army

 To further improve on the gains made in the previous years to provide mechanized units with additional firepower with mobile short range fire support and artillery cover, the Philippine Army has embarked on the acquisition of more Armored Mortar Carriers 

With this the Philippine Army's M113 Armored Mortar Carrier Acquisition Project was born, using the venerable M113A2 tracked armored vehicle platform and combining it with an effective 120mm mortar system.

An M113 tracked armored vehicle of the US Army, utilized as an Armored Mortar Carrier. Photo taken from Defense Media Network.

Project Summary:

M113 Armored Mortar Carrier Acquisition Project

Note: Edited as of 22 March 2022:

End User: Philippine Army (Mechanized Infantry Division)

Quantity: 15 units

Modernization Phase: Horizon 2 phase Priority Projects of RAFPMP

Project ABC: Php1,094,570,175.00

Acquisition Mode: Government-to-Government (G2G) deal with Israeli Government

Source of Funding: GAA Funds through AFP Modernization Program Trust Fund, to be paid via Multi-Year Obligation Authority (MYOA)

SARO Release: 

    - SARO-BMB-D-19-003824 dated 22 May 2019 worth Php5,399,625,000.00 (Full amount), released 23 May 2019

Winning Proponent: Elbit Systems Land & C4I (Israel)

Product for Delivery: 

    - 15 units refurbished ex-Israel Defense Forces M113A2 tracked armored personnel carriers, converted to M125A2 standards, upgraded to receive recoil mortar systems;
    - 15 units Soltam Cardom 120mm Recoil Mortar Systems;
    - 15 units Elbit Systems Combat NG Battlefield Management Systems
    - 5 units 120mm conversion barrels for Soltam Cardom 81mm RMS delivered in an earlier contract.

Contract Price: Php1,094,570,175.00

First post by MaxDefense: 31 October 2016

Searching Hashtag#PAM113AMCAcquisition

Status: Contract signed and NTP released in favor of Elbit Systems Land & C4Im with M113A2 armored vehicles converted to M125A2 armored mortar carrier standards. Awaiting delivery starting 2021, delivery commenced on December 2021. Awaiting formal induction with the Philippine Army as of February 2022. Inducted as of March 2022. PROJECT COMPLETED.


With mechanization becoming a priority in the Philippine Army, it was expected that mobile fire support and artillery systems would be needed to support the mechanized and armored units that are being introduced.

The introduction of an armored mortar carrier system was among those planned since the 1980s, although no concrete action was made to fill in such requirement. The closest the Philippine Army has ever been to having an armored mortar carrier was sometime around 2013 to 2016 when the Philippine Army tried to create one by installing a turntable on an M113A1 armored vehicle, and installing a standard 81mm infantry mortar. The program did not continue after a prototype was made, most probably the results were not good enough to continue the program.

Currently the Philippine Army has 5 units of M113A2 armored vehicles converted to armored mortar carriers with technology from Elbit Systems Land & C4I under the previous M113 Firepower Upgrade Project. Elbit Systems supplied 5 units of Soltam Cardom 81mm recoil mortar systems, while the Philippine Army converted 5 M113A2 armored vehicles into armored mortar carriers. All 5 vehicles were declared operational as of December 2019.

The Elbit Systems Soltam Cardom Self-Propelled Mortar system:

As part of the contract, Elbit System will supply 15 Armoured Mortar Carriers to the Philippine Army's Mechanised Infantry Division.

The main project is Elbit's Soltam Cardom 120mm vehicle-mounted Recoil Mortar System, which is also known in Israel as the Soltam Keshet.

The Cardom is available in both 81mm and 120mm variant, and is fully computerized, autonomous, and was designed to be mounted on light or medium armoured vehicles like the M113. Take note that the Philippine Army also has an upcoming delivery of 5 Soltam Cardom 81mm RMS for installation of their existing M113A2 tracked armored vehicles.

The 120mm Cardom has a range of 7,000 meters, has a maximum rate of fire of 16 rounds per minute, and can be used in "shoot and scoot" manner to have the element of surprise and avoid enemy counter fire. It can be operated by only 2 crewmen, although it is said to be easier with a 4-man crew.

It can use a variety of ammunition of 120mm NATO standard, and is in operation with the Israel Defense Force, US Army, and several other countries.

The Soltam Cardom 120mm recoil mortar system, as displayed during the ADAS 2018 defense exhibition in Manila last September 2018. Photo credited to a MaxDefense commuunity member who wish to remain anonymous.

Compared to the US Army's M113-based M1064 mortar carrier and the Styker-based model called the M1129, the upcoming Philippine models with be using the computer-controlled Cardom instead of the manually-operated M120/RMS6L 120mm mortar (which is also based on Soltam's K6 120mm infantry mortar). This allows for faster operations and less stress on the mortar crew due to automation.

Another part of the deal is the platform where the Cardom mortars will be installed. Elbit Systems will also deliver 15 refurbished and upgraded M113A2 tracked armored vehicles, converted to M125A2 armored mortar carrier standards

No mention was made on where the vehicles would be sourced, but MaxDefense believes that it would be from Israel. Elbit owns the Belgian armored vehicle maintenance company and reseller Sabiex, and already supplied refurbished and upgraded low-mileage M113A2 armored vehicles to Elbit Systems for export to the Philippines. But it appears that Belgium's strict arms export control to the Philippines is still in effect due to their concerns on Pres. Rodrigo Duterte's administration being involved in state-sponsored extra judicial killings and human rights violations. Thus it is unlikely that they will again be the source of M113s supplied by Elbit.

Being armored mortar carriers, the M113s to receive the Cardom mortars will have a wide roof opening to allow the safe and effective use of the mortar system.

The Philippine Army is expected to not have any trouble accepting the M113s as it is already a long time user of the type.

An upgraded M113 tracked armored personnel carrier from Sabiex of Belgium. Apparently this specific vehicle was among those delivered by Elbit Systems to the Philippine Army in an earlier contract. Elbit Systems is once again supplying 15 refurbished M113A2 tracked armored vehicles as the platform for the Soltam Cardom 120mm RMS. Photo taken from Sabiex's website.

Another part of the deal is the inclusion of the Elbit Systems Combat NG Artillery Management System, which is already in use with the Philippine Army.

The Combat NG is a command, control, communications and intelligence (C3I) system designed to improve artillery and air defense unit's ability to engage targets by improving its target engagement speed and accuracy, provide up to date and real time situational awareness, and provide coordination capability with other forces.


Elbit's Combat NG system utilized together with the a self-propelled mortar system. Elbit's contract with the Philippines is to combine the Combat NG with the Soltam Cardom 120mm RMS units to enhance their C3I capability. Photo taken from Elbit's website.

And lastly, and this was unexpected, is that Elbit Systems will also provide conversion 120mm barrels for the 5 earlier Soltam Cardom 81mm autonomous recoil mortar systems the Philippine Army ordered in January 2018. As mentioned earlier, the 5 units of Soltam Cardom 81mm mortars are part of the Philippine Army's M113 Firepower Upgrade project that also includes the supply of 44 remote controlled weapon systems (RCWS) for the Philippine Army's fleet of M113A2 armored vehicles and are scheduled to be delivered this year (MaxDefense will discuss this again in a separate blog entry).

This would allow the Philippine Army to standardize its entire self-propelled artillery fleet to the 120mm NATO standard, and increasing the firepower of the upcoming mortars due to the 120mm mortar's longer range and heavier warhead.

It is still a question though if the Philippine Army will make use of Elbit's LG2MK 120mm smart mortar round, which was featured by Elbit Systems in last year's ADAS 2018 defense expo in Manila. This allows the Cardom mortar system to fire precision munitions and obtain a first shot hit, which improves accuracy and sure kill hit, reduces collateral damage, munition wastage, and u necessary firepower when required. The munition also works well with the Combat NG system as well as other artillery spotting systems of the Philippine Army.

The LG2MK smart 120mm mortar munition from Elbit Systems. While acquisition of the said mortar round type is not included in the Philippine Army's acquisition of Soltam Cardom 120mm mortars, it remains to be seen if the PA will acquire them separately for its requirements in the future. It is highly probable that the PA would obtain a few for testing and evaluation purposes. Photo taken by a MaxDefense community member who wish to remain anonymous.

In Philippine Army Service: These new M113-based 120mm Self Propelled Mortars (SPM) are expected to be operated by the Philippine Army's Mechanized Infanry Division, which can actually form up to 5 platoons or sections of 4 SPM firing units each. At least most of the MID's Mechanized Infantry Divisions would have an SPM platoon once deliveries are completed.

MaxDefense believes that priority would be made to provide at least 1 platoon to be attached with the new 6th Mechanized Infantry "Salaknib"  Battalion, which is the attached Mechanized unit to the newly formed 1st Brigade Combat Team.

The introduction of the Soltam Cardom mortar system allows Mechanized units to have its own quick-moving short range artillery support anytime without relying on heavy artillery howitzers. This is in addition to the 81mm and 60mm infantry mortars assigned to mechanized infantry units. 

In other foreign armies, 120mm mortar with smart and standard munitions actually replaced the 105mm towed howitzer, like in the case of the Singapore Army. 

The Cardom 120mm (aka Keshet) in action with the Israel Defense Forces. Photo taken from Britmodeller.com.

U P D A T E S:

09 February 2019:

MaxDefense has released a blog entry discussing the contracting of the M113 Armored Mortar Carrier Acquisition Project to Israel's Elbit Systems Land & C4I which can be accessed from the link below:

"Philippine Army Proceeds with M113 Mortar Carrier Project, Signs Contract with Elbit for 120mm Self Propelled Mortars" - first posted on 09 February 2019. 


31 December 2021:

There appears to be a possibility that Elbit Systems Land & C4I have delivered some ,if not all of the M125A2 120mm Armored Mortar Carriers with the Soltam CARDOM recoil mortar system.

Photos below shows a convoy carrying what appears to be M113 armored vehicles, with covers same as those used on the ATMOS SPHs, and coming also fron Subic Freeport area.

The Philippine Army is expecting delivery of 15 units from Israel's Elbit Systems as part of its M113 Armored Mortar Carrier Acquisition Project as part of Horizon 2 phase priority projects under RAFPMP.

Photo credits and watermarked with authorization from original owner who wish to remain anonymous.


09 January 2022:

The Philippine Army has confirmed our report that Elbit Systems has delivered the 15 M113A2 armored mortar carriers (properly identified as M125A2) armed with the Soltam Cardom 120mm Recoil Mortar System.

These new assets would be assigned with the PA's Armor "Pambato" Division.

The vehicles arrived on 29 December 2021 from Israel, and were acquired under the Armored Mortar Carrier Acquisition Project under the Horizon 2 phase of RAFPMP.

Photo credits to the Philippine Army.


04 February 2022:

The Philippine Army has released more photos of the M125A2 armored mortar carriers as the Armor "Pambato" Division displayed their capabilities to the press.

Armor Division Commander Maj Gen. Efren Baluyot confirmed that the vehicles are scheduled for inspection by the Technical Inspection and Acceptance Committee (TIAC) before acceptance and induction.

Photo credits to the Philippine Army.


22 March 2022:

The Philippine Army displayed its existing and new artillery assets, including the M113A2 Armored Mortar Carriers, now classified as the M125A2 Mortar Carrier or Mounted Mortar System.

Photo credits to Manila Times.


With the M125A2 Mounted Mortar System already delivered and inducted to the Philippine Army as of March 2022, 
MaxDefense and Philippine Defense Resource officially consider the M113 Armored Mortar Carrier Acquisition Project of the Philippine Army as COMPLETED.

x x x x x x x x x x x 


First edit and release: 16 June 2019
Copyright MaxDefense Philippines / Philippine Defense Resource

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