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All-Terrain Vehicle Acquisition Project of the Philippine Army


The Philippine Army (PA) has finally confirmed a requirement for a fleet of fifteen (15) All-Terrain Vehicles to be used by a still unconfirmed unit of the said service branch.

The project was among those approved for implementation under the Philippine Army's Horzion 2 phase as part of the Revised AFP Modernization Program.

No definite explanation was gathered by MaxDefense on the actual purpose of these vehicles, but it is obvious that it would be for the improvement of tactical mobility of security forces.

One of the Can-Am Defender Max HT HD10 ATVs displayed by the Philippine Army. Photo credits to Public Affairs Office, Armed Forces of the Philippines. 

The Philippine Army is not new on operating All-Terrain Vehicles. Currently, it has a fleet of smaller ATVs. MaxDefense was able to identify one of those in service as the Kawasaki Teryx, although it appears that the Philippine Army may have acquired additional units of small ATVs in the last 2 years.

This current requirement calls for larger ATVs than the Teryx, which could be on the same league as the Polaris Defense MRZR D4, or even larger.

MaxDefense believes that the probable recipient of the vehicles could be the Light Reaction Regiment (LRR) which is now part of the AFP Special Operations Command (AFPSOCOM), or the newly formed 1st Brigade Combat Team (1BCT) which may include special units embedded to the brigade.

A Polaris Defense MRZR D4 all-terrain vehicle of the Presidential Security Group - Special Reaction Unit (PSG-SRU) as part of the security measures during APEC 2017 Summit in Manila. Photo from the original Philippine Armed Forces Images and Videos FB page.

Project Summary:

All-Terrain Vehicle Acquisition Project

Note: Edited as of 17 February 2022:

* End User:
 Philippine Army (AFP SOCOM)

Quantity: 15 unts

* Modernization Phase: Horizon 2 Phase of RAFPMP

* Project ABC:

Acquisition Mode: Public Bidding

Source of Funding: GAA Funding through AFP Modernization Trust Fund

* SARO Release:

* Winning Proponent:
 Joint Venture of Scan Marine Inc. and Aces Marine & LInks Industrial Corp.

Produce for Delivery: Can-Am Defender Max XT HD10

* Contract Price: 

* First post by MaxDefense: 
27 May 2017

* Searching Hashtag: #PAATVAcquisition

* Status: Notice of Award released in favor of the joint venture of Scan Marine Inc. and Aces Marine & Links Industrial Corp.
 Delivered to the Philippine Army as of October 2020. PROJECT COMPLETED.

Technical Specifications:

U P D A T E S:

26 May 2017:

MaxDefense released a blog entry on the Armed Forces of the Philippines' fleet of newly acquired special vehicles, including the All-Terrain Vehicles that it was using.

Among those featured were the Philippine Army's Kawasaki Teryx 4x4 ATV (see photo below), and the Presidential Security Group's Polaris Defense MRZR D4.

MaxDefense believes that the Kawasaki Teryx were previously used by Specops units of the US military, and were handed-over to the Philippine Army for their own use. Meanwhile the Polaris Defense MRZR D4 appears to be acquired brand new by the PSG, and is in service in limited numbers by the Special Reaction Unit.

The Kawasaki Teryx ATV used by the Light Reaction Regiment, then part of the Philippine Army's Special Operations Command during a capability demonstration in 2016. Photo taken from the original Philippine Armed Forces Images and Videos FB page.

The blog can be accessed on the link below:

"Featuring Some of the New Special Vehicles in the Armed Forces of the Philippines" - first posted on 26 May 2017.


21 March 2019:

MaxDefense posted several photos of what were being displayed by the Philippine Army as part of their 122nd Founding Anniversary. Among those displayed was the Polaris Defense MRZR D4 all-terrain vehicle, which is already in service with the Presidential Security Group (PSG), which is under the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

While MaxDefense was not able to obtain an actual photo of the Polaris MRZR D4 on display, there are photos that support its presence during the anniversary display.

A promotional tarpaulin from Polaris Defense can be seen on the background (see encircled) together with what appears to be part of an MRZR D4 all-terrain vehicle. Photo exclusively shared to MaxDefense by one of our contributors. 


04 April 2019:

The Department of National Defense (DND) has finally released an Invitation to Bid (ITB) for the All-Terrain Vehicle acquisition project of the Philippine Army.

The ITB, dated 04 April 2019, confirms our previous posts on the budget allocated and quantity required for ATVs as part of the Horizon 2 phase of the Revised AFP Modernization Program.

As indicated, the ABC is Php31,905,000.00 for fifteen (15) vehicles. That's an average of Php2,127,000.00 (around US$40,900) each vehicle. Based on available online sources, the said price is just a little over the quoted price of a brand new Polaris Defense MRZR D4 vehicle, which is said to be around US$35,000 each.

A Pre-Bid Conference is scheduled on 11 April 2019, while the the Submission deadline and Bid Opening of Bids will be made on 25 April 2019.

Delivery of the vehicles shall be made at 1 time, and within 120 days from receiving the Notice to Proceed (NTP) of the project.

A copy of the ITB as posted on PhilGEPS as of 04 April 2019. 


08 June 2019:

It appears that the previous bidding for the project that was suppose to close last 25 April 2019 had failed.

A new rebidding has emerged, with a new bid closing date now scheduled on 25 June 2019. A Pre-Bid Conference was also re-scheduled to 11 June 2019 for possible bidders to clarify issues on the submissions.

No indication of changes was evident on the Bid Requirements, including the project's Technical Specifications, budget and quantity requirements.

A snippet of the Supplemental Bid Bulletin released on 28 May 2019 showing the new bid opening schedule. The document number also has indication that the project is a re-bid. Photo taken from DND document.


22 June 2019:

New Supplemental Bid Bulletin was released by the DND dated 17 June 2019 to reflect changes in the bid requirements.

While the changes were mostly on procurement and legal concerns, the delivery was adjusted from 120 days from release of Notice to Proceed, to 180 days.

So far no changes on technical requirements.


02 October 2019:

The Department of National Defense (DND) has finally released the Notice of Award (NOA) for the All-Terrain Vehicle Acquisition Project last 25 September 2019, to the Joint Venture of Scan Marine Inc. and Aces Marine & Links Industrial Corporation.

The bid amount is Php31,720,200.00 which is just less than Php200,000 difference from the Approved Budget of Contract.

Cropped from the NOA issued by the DND.

Scan Marine Inc. is actually the official local distributor of Can-Am all-terrain vehicles. While it was not confirmed what model from the Can-Am line-up Scan Marine is offering, MaxDefense believes it would be either the Can-Am Commander Max or the Can-Am Defender Max, both of which are available with seats for 4 people including the driver.

This is surprising considering the AFP is already a user of the Polaris MRZR SSV, which was expected to win the tender. But since this is a public bidding, it was highly expected that a different model can potentially win the project. And here is already an example.

The Can-Am Defender Max (top) and Can-Am Commander Max (above). Photo taken from Antlers Motorsports and  PowerSports ATV websites.

Deliveries are expected to happen within 180 days from Notice to Proceed (NTP), which could be delivered before May 2019.

All we have to do now is just monitor the delivery of these ATVs to the Philippine Army. 


27 October 2020:

MaxDefense received confirmation from one of its community members who sent some photos, that the Philippine Army is already in possession of all 15 new All Terrain Vehicles.

Photos, although not good in quality but are still valid evidence, show several ATVs inside a Philippine Army facility which we will not name for security reasons.

According to the account, around 15 to 20 ATVs were seen, which is around the total number of units ordered by the Philippine Army under this project. And based on the photo, the rear part are close to the design of the Can-Am Defender Max XT ATV.

Photos below are shared by a MaxDefense community member who prefers to remain anonymous.

MaxDefense will be waiting for the Philippine Army to formally handover the vehicles to the enduser, which we believe is the Light Reaction Regiment, so we can declare this project as completed.


21 December 2021:

The Armed Forces of the Philippines posted a clearer photo of one of the Philippine Army's new Can-Am Defender Max all-terrain vehicle during the AFP Day 2021.

At least 2 units were part of the display.

The vehicles appear to be already inducted with the Philippine Army, considering they were delivered in 2020. 

Photo credits to PAO, AFP.


06 January 2022:

One of MaxDefense Philippines' contributors shared an undated photo of the Can-Am Defender Max ATVs being used inside an undisclosed Philippine Army base.

While there are seats for 4 soldiers including the driver, the cargo cab behind can seat at least 2 more soldiers, as shown on the photo.

Photo credits to MaxDefense contributor who wish to remain anonymous.


With the Can-Am Defender Max XT HD10 all-terrain vehicles already delivered to the Philippine Army as of October 2020, MaxDefense and Philippine Defense Resource officially consider the All-Terrain Vehicle Acquisition Project of the Philippine Army as COMPLETED.

x x x x x x x x x x x 

First edit and release: 22 June 2019
Copyright MaxDefense Philippines / Philippine Defense Resource

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