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MPG-B1-2018-111 .50 Caliber Machine Gun Red Dot Sight System Acquisition Project for the Philippine Army

The Philippine Army's Mechanized Infantry Division (MID) embarked on acquiring brand new Red Dot Sight System for the .50 caliber machine guns mounted on M113A2 tracked armored personnel carriers.

The purpose is to improve the accuracy of the manually-operated .50 caliber machine guns by allowing a red dot sight system to guide gunners in aiming on targets.

Fifty two (52) units of Red Dot Relfex Sight System was requested by the Philippine Army, which was decided to be tendered through the Philippine International Trading Corporation (PITC).

A South Korean-made Dong In Optical DCL-120 red dot sight system as it was tested by the Philippine Army on one of its M2-armed M113A2 tracked armored personnel carrier. MaxDefense was informed that the said model will be supplied by the winning proponent. Credits to original source of the photo.

Project Summary:

MPG-B1-2018-111 .50 Caliber Red Dot Sight System Acquisition Project

Note: Edited as of 21 November 2020:

* End User: Philippine Army (Armor Division)

Quantity: 52 units

* Modernization Phase:
 Special Project outside Horizon 2 phase

* Project ABC:

Acquisition Mode: Public Bidding

* Source of Funding: 
Philippine Army 2018 General Appropriations ASA No. 0278 dated 13 June 2017

* SARO Release: 
SARO-BMB-D-19-004325 dated 04 June 2019 worth Php1,027,012,500.00 (15% Downpayment), released 06 June 2019

* Winning Proponent: Dong In Optical Co. Ltd. - Triton Defense & Logistics Inc. Joint Venture

Product for Delivery: Dong In Optical DCL-120 Red Dot Reflex Sight

* Contract Price: TBA

First post by MaxDefense: 
29 October 2018

* Searching Hashtag: #PA50calMGRedDotSightSystemAcquisition

* Status: Notice of Award (NOA) released in favor of Dong In Optical - Triton Defense & Logistics Inc. Joint Venture. Delivery confirmed to have been completed as of 2020. PROJECT COMPLETED.

One of the M113A2 of the Philippine Army being installed with a red dot reflex sight for testing.
Credits to original source of photo.


The inclusions for proponents to deliver as part of the project includes:

Main Product:

* 52 units of Red Dot Sight for HMG NATO 12.7mm (.50 caliber)

* 52 units of MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny Rail for M2 with compatible mount

* 52 units of Battery Compartment
* 104 pieces of Manufacturer's Standard Batteries
* 52 pieces of Red Dot Sight carrying case

* 52 sets of operation/maintenance tools
* 52 sets of operator/user manuals
* 52 sets of technical manuals

U P D A T E S:

29 October 2018:

MaxDefense posted on the release by the PITC of an Invitation to Bid (ITB) for the project. The Pre-Bid Conference for the project was scheduled on 15 October 2018, and the deadline for submission of bids, and the opening date of the bids was on 06 November 2018.

Not much information was provided, and through the information of our source, it was determined that it was for the M113A2 armored vehicles of the Mechanized Infantry Division. 

The Red Dot Sights will be installed on 12.7mm M2 heavy machine guns of M113A2s that won't be undergoing the M113 Firepower Upgrade project. 

Of the 114 M113A2 tracked armored vehicles it acquired from the US a few years ago, the MID aims to install remote control weapon stations (RCWS) or mortar systems on at 49 vehicles. That leaves them with 65 vehicles upgrades, although several of them were converted to armored battlefield ambulances, and command vehicles.

The basis for the MID to acquire 52 units of Red Dot Sights may have to do with the number of M113s that are suitable for upgrading with the capability.

In late 2016, the MID was actually offered to improve the manually-operated machine gun's aiming accuracy by installing red dot sighting systems. MID tested several different systems, allowing them to form the basis for the technical specifications and supporting reason to acquire such capability.

Among the products tested by the Philippine Army Mechanized Infantry Division, allowing them to have an insight on what they would prefer and specify for the project, as well as determining the budget for request to the DND. Credits to original source of photo.


12 December 2018:

MaxDefense was able to obtain a photo (see main photo of this thread) from the Mechanized Infantry Division showing them testing the Dong In Optical DCL-120 red dot reflex sight for 12.7mm M2 .50 caliber heavy machine gun.

Apparently this model is the most preferred by the MID as well as the basis for the Technical Specifications made by the Technical Working Group. 

It also turns out that the Public Bidding's bid submission and opening proceeded as planned on 06 November 2018, with Dong In Optical Co. Ltd. - Triton Defense & Logistics Inc. declared as the lowest bidder.

It remains to be seen though if the lowest bidder will pass the Post Qualification Inspection (PQI) which is needed to see if the proponent can support its submitted bid.


13 March 2019:

MaxDefense was able to obtain a copy of the PITC-Bids and Awards Committee resolution recommending the Notice of Award of the project to Dong In Optical - Triton Defense & Logistics Inc. Joint Venture, after passing the Post Qualification Inspection (PQI).

No price was mentioned on the bid submitted by the winning proponent, but it is safe to assume that it could be close to the project's ABC.

While we have not seen a NOA yet, the chances of the recommended proponent being given the NOA is quite high, as there are expected reason for the Philippine Army to not award it to Dong In-Triton JV.

A copy of the PITC BAC resolution recommending the NOA to be given to Dong In Optical Co. Ltd. - Triton Defense & Logistics Inc. Joint Venture after it passed the PQI of the project. Screen-grabbed from PITC's Resolution found on their website.


01 June 2019:

MaxDefense received confirmation from sources that the Notice of Award for the project was released in favor of Dong In Optical - Triton Defense & Logistics Ltd. Joint Venture, with the award released on 11 March 2019. The contract was signed, and the Notice to Proceed was also released on 21 May 2019.

As per contractual requirements, Dong In Optical should be able to deliver all products and services included in this project by 18 October 2019.

Dong In's DCL-120 is expected to be for delivery for this project, which was designed for use on heavy machine guns similar to the M2HB.

The DCL-120 heavy machine gun optics from DI Optical. Photo from The Firearms Blog website.


21 November 2020:

MaxDefense received confirmation from sources that the DCL-120 Red Dot Sight System ordered by the Philippine Army from Dong In Optical - Triton Communications Joint Venture has been delivered a few months ago to the Armor Division.

These new optics will be installed on the unit's M113A2 tracked armored personnel carriers armed with a manually-operated M2HB 12.7mm heavy machine gun. 

In addition, it appears that the Philippine Army has started receiving the Dong In Optical DTS100L thermal optic accessory attached to the DCL-120 sight mount. This allow for day and night optical aiming solution on top of the capability of the standard DCL-120 red dot sight.

An M2HG heavy machine gun with the DTS100L thermal camera. Phot from Armor Division's Facebook page.

The DTS100L thermal camera. Photo from Dong In Optical.

This is actually the cheapest solution for the Philippine Army's manually-operated machine guns, without relying on installing remote weapon stations or manned turrets.


With the Dong In Optical DCL-120 red dot sights already delivered and formally inducted with the Philippine Army, MaxDefense and Philippine Defense Resource officially consider the .50 Caliber Machine Gun Red Dot Sight Acquisition Project of the Philippine Army as COMPLETED.

x x x x x x x x x x x 
First edit and release: 01 March 2020
Copyright MaxDefense Philippines / Philippine Defense Resource

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