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Jacinto-class Patrol Vessel Phase 2 Marine Engineering Upgrade - Repowering of BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37) Project of the Philippine Navy

As part of efforts to modernize the Jacinto-class patrol vessels of the Philippine Navy, the service has embarked on multi-year, multi-phase upgrade programs for the ships of the class under the Jacinto-class Patrol Vessel (JCPV) Phase 2 Marine Engineering Upgrade Project.

But due to several reasons including poor condition of the marine engineering systems of BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37) as well as funding issues, the project was pushed by several years and underwent several budget requests and change of requirements before it was implemented as part of the Horizon 2 Priority Phase of the Revised AFP Modernization Program.

This resource page discusses the Marine Engineering Upgrade - Repowering of BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37) Project, which is an offshoot of the JCPV Phase 2 Marine Engineering Upgrade Project that was started back in 2005.

Photo credits to DVIDS.


Project Summary:

Marine Engineering Upgrade of BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37) Acquisition Project:

Note: Edited as of 10 October 2023.

* End User: Philippine Navy 

Quantity: Marine Engineering Upgrade works for 1 Jacinto-class patrol vessel.

* Modernization Phase:
Horizon 2 Priority Phase of RAFPMP, originally part of Capability Upgrade Program Phase 3 of the AFPMP, with additional funding during Horizon 1 and Horizon 2 phases of the RAFPMP.

* Project ABC:
 Php426, 816,315.65

Acquisition Mode: Public Bidding through Philippine International Trading Corporation (PITC)

* Source of Funding: GAA Funds through AFP Modernization Program Trust Fund, with allocations from CUP Phase 3 of AFPMP, Horizon 1 and 2 priority phases of RAFPMP

* SARO Release/s: 

* Winning Proponent: Herma Shipyard Inc.

Product for Delivery: Overhaul and upgrade on Marine Engineering systems of BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37)

* Contract Price: Php419,095,383.49

* Residual Amount: Php7,720,932.16

* First post by MaxDefense: 

* MaxDefense Searching Hashtag: #PNJCPVUpgradePhase2PS37

* Status: Original part of the original Jacinto-class Patrol Vessel Phase 2 Marine Engineering Upgrade Project of the Philippine Navy under the AFP Modernization Program, the upgrade on BRP Artemio Ricarte was pushed by more than 10 years due to funding and other issues. In the end and after several funding increases spanning a decade, works was done by Herma Shipyards November or December 2022, and the ship upgrade works completed by October 2022. PROJECT COMPLETED.


The Jacinto-class Patrol Vessel (JCPV) Phase 2 Engineering Upgrade was actually started back in 2005 as a continuation of the upgrade works on the ships of the class. It earlier had the JCPV Phase 1 Combat Systems upgrade completed in 2006, and Phase 2 was suppose to improve the ship's engineering systems which includes machinery, electrical, hydraulics systems and others.

A total budget of Php370,000,000.00 was allocated for the JCPV Phase 2 Marine Engineering Upgrade project, and was publicly tendered by the Philippine Navy.

After 3 consecutive failed bididngs, local shipyard F.F. Cruz Marine Corporation won the project in the 4th bidding attempt held in October 2006 with a bid amount of Php353,650,000.00. The first two ships underwent the upgrade works, BRP Emilio Jacinto (PS-35) and BRP Apolinario Mabini (PS-36) without any issues and were completed by July 2011.

But upon further inspections on the third ship of the class, the BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37), it was found that more works needs to be done as its machinery systems are in worse condition compared to its 2 other sisterships. It was found that more funding is needed to allow the marine engineering upgrade works on PS-37, but no additional funding was made available to the Philippine Navy.

With this, revisions on the contract between the Department of National Defense and F.F. Cruz Marine Corporation was made to just conduct the upgrades on 2 ships worth Php274,650,000.00, with the DND pushing back the marine engineering upgrade works for BRP Artemio Ricarte once additional funding becomes available.

Additional funding was made available in 2012, with the  remaining budget from the original JCPV Phase 2 Upgrade Works project worth Php95,350,000.00 now boosted to Php216,000,000.00.

A new tender was raised in late 2013 for the JCPV Phase 2 Engineering Upgrade for PS-37 Project, with an expected project completion by December 2015, with local shipyards F.F. Cruz Marine Corp., Colorado Shipyard, and Keppel Marine Philippines Inc. showing interest as reported on January 2014.

But the project still failed to push through as no bidders were able to meet the requirements needed by the Philippine Navy with the budget allocated. According to MaxDefense Philippines, among the issues encountered include securing a new SEMT Pielstick engine similar to ones installed, as the engine model is out of production and the French company already acquired by Germany's MAN.

As the new Revised AFP Modernization Program (RAFPMP) came into force in 2013, the project was again boosted with an additional funding worth Php58,571,000.00, with the project now named the Repowering of PS-37 Project. But despite the budget now worth Php274,571,000.00, the amount still failed to meet the needed requirements, and another request for funding was forwarded to the Department of Budget and Management as of May 2017. The request failed to be included in the 2nd List of Horizon 1 phase projects, and was now included as part of the Horizon 2 phase of the RAFPMP.

Another Php152,245,000.00 was added to the funding as part of the Horizon 2 phase, with the project's ABC now up to Php426,816,315.65. The collective funding is now sufficient enough to conduct the repowering works for BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37), with a public bidding raised in late 2019. 

Bataan-based Herma Shipyard Inc. won the public tender that was conducted on behalf of the DND by the Philippine International Trading Corporation (PITC) with a bid worth Php419,095,383.49. This will include the drydocking works, as well as overhaul of the SEMT Pielstick PA6 V280 diesel engines, and its diesel generators.

Due to deployment schedules, work on the ship only started around November or December  2021 and the project was completed by October 2022.

U P D A T E S:

22 November 2017:

Another upcoming modernization project that is expected to be announced soon is for the additional budget for the Jacinto-class Patrol Vessel (JCPV) Phase 2 Engineering upgrade for the BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37) with an expected ABC worth Php150 million. If our info is right, the ship will need to undergo major engine overhaul, or even an engine replacement, which was not considered in the previous JCPV Phase 2 budget.

This was also submitted to Malacanang several months ago and is expected to be approved, or for approval soon.

Photo credits to DVIDS.


15 December 2021:

Based on the recent post by the social media account of BRP Artemio Ricarte PS37 - PF, it appears that the ship is now in Herma Shipyard in Bataan, which means that the ship's marine engineering and repowering works would start soon.

Photo below shows the background similar to that shipyard facility of Herma Shipyard in Bataan.

Photo credits to BRP Artemio Ricarte PS37 - PF's Facebook page.


30 June 2022:

As of 28 June 2022, it appears that BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37) is still in Herma Shipyard in Bataan, based on the confirmation made by the social media account of the ship's crew.

A Change of Command and Graduation Ceremony was held on the ship on 28 June 2022 aboard the ship inside the Herma Shipyard facility in Mariveles, Bataan.

The background on one of the photos reveal the ship to be indeed inside Herma Shipyard.

Photo credits to BRP Artemio Ricarte PS37 - PF's Facebook page.


20 November 2022:

As reported by MaxDefense Philippines:

The Philippine Navy held the deployment of BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37) to its designated operational area last 05 November 2022 after completing its dry docking and other repairs.

This would be the first time the ship would be deployed after several months of work as part of the JCPV Phase 2 Marine Engineering Upgrade - Repowering of BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37) Project.

Photos from the deployment of BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37) on 05 November 2022. Photo credits to Philippine Fleet, Philippine Navy.


With the Marine Engineering and Repowering of BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37) completed and the ship returned to service as of October 2022
, MaxDefense Philippines and Philippine Defense Resource officially consider the Jacinto-class Patrol Vessel Phase 2 Marine Engineering Upgrade - Repowering of BRP Artemio Ricarte (PS-37) Acquisition Project of the Philippine Navyy as COMPLETED.

x x x x x x x x x x x 

First edit and release: 10 October 2023
Copyright MaxDefense Philippines / Philippine Defense Resource

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