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ORD PABAC2-018-2021 Assault Rifle 5.56mm M4/AR-15 Platform Acquisition Project of the Philippine Army

 The Philippine Army (PA) continues its acquisition of more 5.56x45mm assault rifles based on the M4 / AR-15 platform as part of its 2019 budget.

Due to its similarity to an earlier project, MaxDefense Philippines and Philippine Defense Review decided to name this project as the Assault Rifle 5.56mm M4/AR-15 Platform Acquisition Project (2021) of the Philippine Army, with emphasis on adding "2021" to differentiate from the other similar projects that were raised 2018 and 2019, and to anticipate future purchases by the Philippine Army.

A Philippine Army soldier with an M4-type rifle, likely Remington R4A3.


As the Philippine Army continues to expand in size and improve its standard infantry weapon systems by moving away from old M16A1 rifles, it has embarked on the acquisition of more 5.56x45mm assault rifles to cover these requirements. 

After the massive acquisition of rifles in the last few years which resulted to the delivery of the Remington R4A3 5.56x45mm rifle, the Philippine Army has now started on yearly acquisitions just to cover for any gaps in the firearms requirements within the organization.

For 2021, with the plan to expand the manpower of the Philippine Army beyond its usual size, it found itself in need of additional 5.56mm rifles. And like what they did in 2018 and 2019, they decided to go for an acquisition using its own budget for the year instead of going through the AFP Modernization Program that has already been approved in 2018. 

Out of the several tender attempts made by the Philippine Army for Fiscal Year 2021, as of October 2021 this is the only project that pushed through up to a contract.

1,118 units are sought after in this specific project, with the specifications very much the same as earlier acquisitions under the Assault Rifle 5.56mm M4/AR-15 Platform Acquisition Projects.

As expected, the same tenderers submitted their bid including Armscor Global Defense, Trust Trade - Taurus Armas, SIG Sauer, among others.

Trust Trade - Taurus Armas won the tender, with the NOA released on their favor on 12 July 2021. A contract was signed and NTP released on 28 September 2021, giving the companies 210 days to delivery the firearms, which falls around April 2022.

Project Summary:

Assault Rifle 5.56mm M4/AR-15 Platform Acquisition Project (2021)

Note: Edited as of 20 May 2022.

* Project Number: ORD PABAC2-018-2021

* End User: Philippine Army (unspecified units)

* Quantity: 1,118 units

* Modernization Phase: N/A, Philippine Army procurement outside RAFPMP for 2021

* Project ABC: Php31,388,000.00

* Acquisition Mode: Public Bidding

* Source of Funding: Philippine Army GAA 2021

* SARO Release: TBA

* Winning Proponent: Taurus Armas (Brazil)

* Product for Delivery: Taurus T4 5.56x45mm rifle, 14.5" barrel

* Contract Price: Php36,478,104.40

* First post by MaxDefense: 09 October 2021 (this post)

* MaxDefense Searching Hashtag: #PAAssaultRifle556Acquisition

* Status: Submission of Bids on 12 April 2021, with Taurus Armas of Brazil declared the lowest calculated bidder. Notice of Award released on 12 July 2021, with the Notice to Proceed and Contract released on 28 September 2021. Delivery expected in 210 days after NTP release. Delivery confirmed as of April 2022. PROJECT COMPLETED.
The Taurus T4 5.56mm rifle. Photo c/o Monch Publishing.

U P D A T E S:

05 October 2021:

MaxDefense received confirmation that the Taurus Armas won the tender to supply 1,118 units of M4/AR-15 type 5.56x45mm rifles for the Philippine Army.

Photo from PhilGEPS.

With Taurus already in the process of supplying their T4 rifle, the new contract means that the same rifle would be delivered, as the specifications are the same.

The Taurus T4 5.56x45mm rifle, which is based on the AR-15 design. Photo taken from Pinterest.

It would be remembered that only last 25 September 2021, Taurus Armas and Trust Trade announced that the T4 successfully passed rigorous testing and inspection by the Philippine Army.

According to Trust Trade, the tests include Completeness Inspection & Random Sampling, Physical Inspection, Weight & Dimensional Inspection, Trigger Pull Test, Functional Test, Cyclic Rate of Fire Test, Targeting & Accuracy Test, Maximum Effective Range Test, High Pressure Resistance Test, Dust Exposure Test, Mud Immersion Test, Water Immersion Test, Drop Safety Test, Interchangeability Test, Endurance Test and Cook Off Test.

It remains to be seen if this batch of 1,118 units will need to undergo the same test again, especially if Taurus can prove that it will come from the same production batch as those delivered in an earlier contract.

Taurus team with Filipino officials as it completed pre-delivery inspections and passing of tests of their T4 rifles for the Philippine Army. Photo credits to Trust Trade.


20 May 2022:

A follow-up by our parent page MaxDefense Philippines with a source from the Philippine Army has confirmed that Taurus Armas has completed the delivery of 1,118 new T4 assault rifles as of April 2022.

No further information has been made but apparently the rifles have already been distributed to Philippine Army units.


With the Taurus T4 5.56mm rifles already delivered and formally inducted with the Philippine Army, MaxDefense and Philippine Defense Resource officially consider the ORD PABAC2-018-2021 Assault Rifle 5.56mm M4/AR-15 Platform Acquisition Project of the Philippine Army as COMPLETED.

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First edit and release: 10 October 2021
Copyright MaxDefense Philippines / Philippine Defense Resource.

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