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Medium Lift Aircraft (Phase 2) Acquisition Project of the Philippine Air Force

To further improve its airlift capabilities as a follow-on to previous improvements made in the previous years, the Philippine Air Force (PAF) is embarking on the acquisition of additional medium tactical transport aircraft for the 220th Airlift Wing.

Under the Horizon 2 priority projects phase of the Revised AFP Modernization Program (RAFPMP), the Philippine Air Force has received approval to pursue the Medium Lift Aircraft Acquisition Project, which eyes the purchase of three (3) new medium lift tactical transport aircraft.

Currently, the PAF already has the Airbus-CASA C-295M medium lift transport aircraft, and its very highly likely that the same aircraft would be acquired under this project. But that is being challenged by several proponents, with Indonesia's PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) being among the most aggressive with their CN-235-220 aircraft.

Photo credits to svq_lezl's Instagram page.

One of the PAF's C-295M aircraft. Photo credits to Miguel Cenon.

Project Summary:

Medium Lift Aircraft (Phase 2) Acquisition Project

Note: edit as of 07 March 2023.

* End User: Philippine Air Force (220th Airlift Wing)

Quantity: 3 aircraft

* Modernization Phase: Horizon 2 Phase of RAFPMP

* Project ABC: Php5,288,609,984.00

Acquisition Mode: Negotiated Procurement (Government-to-Government) with still unidentified country.

* Source of Funding: GAA Funds through AFP Modernization Program Trust Fund, to be paid via Multi-Year Obligatory Allocations (MYOA).

* SARO Release: 
   - SARO-BMB-D-20-0018750 worth Php264,430,500.00 dated 05 November 2020, released on 10 November 2020;
   - SARO-BMB-D-21-0001425 worth Php2,644,304,992.00 dated 12 April 2021, released on 12 April 2021. 
   - SARO-BMB-D-22-0006057 worth Php2,379,874,493.00 dated 27 July 2022, for complete payment

* Winning Proponent: Airbus Defense and Space

Product for Delivery: Airbus-CASA C-295W

* Contract Price: approx. Php5,288,609,000.00 (for further validation)

* MaxDefense Searching Hashtag/s: #PAFMediumLiftAircraftAcquisition #PAFMediumLiftAircraftPhase2Acquisition 

Status: Scheduled for negotiations by 2020. Initial funding for project allocated under AFP Modernization Funding for 2020.Airbus-CASA's C-295 and PTDI's CN-235-220 under consideration. Airbus was selected with C-295, with initial funding released on November 2020. Second MYCA funding released on April 2021. It is expected that contract for at least 1 aircraft was signed in early 2021. First aircraft undergoing flight tests as of September 2021, and departed Spain on 22 March 2022 for delivery flight. Aircraft arrived on 28 March 2022, and was inducted to PAF on 06 April 2022. Second aircraft arrived in early November 2022, and was inducted to service on 08 November 2022. Third aircraft seen conducting ground tests in Seville, Spain as of 01 November 2022, arrived in the Philippines on 2nd week of February 2023, and inducted to PAF service on 07 March 2023. PROJECT COMPELTED.



The PAF has received three (3) Airbus-CASA C-295M medium tactical transport aircraft under the Capability Upgrade Project (CUP) projects of the AFP Modernization Program's Medium Lift Fixed-Wing Aircraft Acquisition Project. This was after beating Italy's Alenia Aerospace with the C-27J Spartan.

Based on the old specifications used for the abovementioned project, it is closely based on the Airbus C-295M's specs, although pricewise MaxDefense received info from sources several years ago that the C-295M was also cheaper than the C-27J.

The C-27J Spartan once competed against the Airbus C-295M under the PAF's Medium Lift Fixed-Wing Aircraft Acquisition Project a few years ago. It lost to the C-295M. Photo from Military Machines website.

These aircraft started to replace the Fokker F-27 Friendship which have been in service with the PAF since the late 1950s. The surviving units, were relegated to troop transport duties or have undergone major maintenance work. The ability of the C-295M to carry pallets also allowed it to take some of the missions that are usually carried out by the PAF's small fleet of Lockheed C-130 Hercules heavy tactical transport aircraft.

More medium lift aircraft means the PAF can relegate the ageing Fokker F-27 Friendship fleet to other roles, or even retire them permanently. Credits to original source of photo.

As the PAF continues to grow in terms on ability to maintain a larger fleet, as well as giving more importance on the ability of the PAF to respond to emergencies, the PAF has requested for the acquisition of additional transport aircraft under the Horizon 2 phase of the RAFPMP.

So far MaxDefense has not seen the specifications as of this writing, all those we learned that the Department of National Defense (DND) has already released a Acquisition Decision Memorandum (ADM) with a decision that involves direct negotiation with the preferred proponent.

The C-295 as compared to the C-27J, C-130 and C-130J-30 on cabin length. Photo from Airbus Military.

Competing Proponents:

As of this writing, the proponents vying for the project are Airbus-CASA with the C-295, and PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) with the smaller CN-235-220.

While PTDI's CN-235-220 is smaller than the C-295, it is also cheaper. Sources confirmed that PTDI intends to offset the size difference by including an offer on top of 3 CN-235-220 aircraft. MaxDefense believes that it would be an NC-212i Aviocar small tactical transport aircraft, which is already in service with the PAF.

PTDI's CN-235-220M is also being offered to the PAF for the Medium Lift Aircraft project. Top photo from Asia Pacific Defense Journal, bottom photo from SouthAsia.com.

MaxDefense believes though, that Airbus-CASA may win this project, due to commonality issues with the existing C-295Ms in the PAF's fleet, which is now 4-aircraft strong.

As of early 2020, the PAF's Medium Lift Aircraft Acquisition is among those planned for implementation and initial funding this year. And being an asset that would be useful not just for military operations but also to support the government's Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) capabilities during emergencies, it is highly likely that the government will give priority to it even if funding will become scarce due to the negative economic and social effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government intends to pay for the project under a Multi-Year Obligatory Allocations (MYOA), in 3 payments starting 2020. This would enable the DND and AFP to start procuring the project even when they do not have the full project contract amount yet, and maximizing the Philippines' limited budget.

U P D A T E S:

23 July 2020:

The Department of National Defense through Defense Sec. Delfin Lorenzana
 has mentioned in an interview that the Medium Lift Aircraft Acquisition Project is among the Php9.4 billion worth of projects for FY2020 whose budget was diverted to government's response to COVID-19, and this will push the project to implemented at a later date.

Sec. Lorenzana did not confirm if the project will be refunded under FY2021, although that will depend on the fiscal situation of the country considering COVID-19 appears to be an issue even beyond 2020.

Under the AFP Modernization Projects for 2020 approved in May 2020, the Medium Lift Aircraft Acquisition Project worth Php5,288,608,984.00 would be funded through Multi-Year Capital Allowance (MYCA) from 2020 to 2022, and that the DND and the Philippine Air Force was suppose to receive the initial 5% for the project worth Php264,430,499.20 this year.


02 August 2020:

MaxDefense received new information from sources involved in the project, saying that despite the DND saying that the initial funding for the project was diverted to fund the government's response to COVID-19, it appears that this would not be the case, after the Philippine government was able to secure loans from foreign sources to fund for the COVID-19 response.

The project is now being negotiated with certain governments and is planned to be acquired through Government-to-Government (G2G) process.

So far, while Airbus Defense and Space appears to be the most possible company to win the project since the PAF is already an existing user of the Airbus-CASA C-295M medium tactical aircraft, other proponents like PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) appears to still be trying to push the DND and PAF to consider the smaller PTID-CASA CN-235M-220 aircraft.

The Aitbus-CASA C-295M (top) and the PTDI-CASA CN-235M-220 (above). Photos credited to original sources

Both the CN-235 and C-295 were actually developed by Spain's Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA (CASA), thus the similarities in design. PTDI was involved in the development of the CN-235 with CASA, while the C-295 was CASA's own product and is now part of Airbus' portfolio after CASA became part of Airbus.


20 October 2020:

The DND's Senate presentation during the FY2021 budget hearings has included a report on the projects confirmed for funding under the GAA FY2020 for the AFP Modernization Program. Among those confirmed funded was the Medium Lift Aircraft Acquisition Project, which has Php264,430,499.20 allocated by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM).

This means that the DND should be ready to award the project to the winning proponent, expected to be Airbus Military, anytime within the year.


31 October 2020:

We posted a new video on our new Youtube channel regarding the planned acquisition of additional Medium Tactical Transport Aircraft under the Medium Lift Aircraft (Phase 2) Acquisition Project of the Philippine Air Force.

Please support us by subscribing our new Youtube channel, and liking our videos.


11 November 2020:

The Department of Budget & Management (DBM) released a new SARO to fund the initial 15% of the Medium Lift Aircraft Acquisition Project, which will be procured through Multi-Year Contractual Allocations (MYCA) for 3 years.

But the SARO-BMB-D-20-0018750 worth Php264,430,500.00 dated 05 November 2020 and released on 10 November 2020 appears to be only 1/3 of the project's total amount, which means it is only good for 1 aircraft rather than 3.

It remains to be seen though if the decision was to acquire only 1 aircraft instead of 3, or if funding for the 2 other aircraft will be taken from a different funding allocation.

SARO screenshot taken from DBM's SARO report.


20 May 2021:

The Department of Budget and Management released another SARO to cover the second of three MYCA payments for the Medium Lift Aircraft (Phase 2) Acquisition Project. The SARO, with reference SARO-BMB-D-0001425 worth Php2,644,304,992.00 was made and released on 12 April 2021.

SARO screenshot taken from DBM's latest SARO report.

MaxDefense PH was also able to confirm to us that Airbus Defense and Space actually got the contract to supply 3 Medium-Lift transport aircraft, with the Airbus-CASA C-295 aircraft. No confirmation though if the PAF is getting the C-295M which is what the PAF already has, or the newer C-295W variant which has the winglet features that enables better performance and fuel efficiency.

A C-295M aircraft bound for the PAF, during its delivery flight and passing through Malta. Photo credits to aviation photographer Ruben Zammit.

At this rate, its possible that the PAF may able to receive their new C-295 aircraft starting either late 2021 or early 2022. This will give the PAF a total of 7 C-295s in service, with 6 used as general transport aircraft while 1 is assigned for "special missions" as VIP and Command and Control aircraft.


15 October 2021:

Spanish aircraft manufacturer CASA, which is part of the Airbus Group, has rolled-out the first of three new C-295W medium tactical transport aircraft for the Philippine Air Force.

These photos were taken in Spain last month, and shows that the aircraft are being prepared for flight tests before delivery can be made.

This shows how fast Airbus is in manufacturing these aircraft, as the contract and NTP for these were only released earlier this year.

We expect the second and third aircraft to be following suit soon.

Take note, compared to the ones already delivered to the PAF before, the photos can confirm that these are the newer C-295W variant, with winglets on the edge of the main wings. The older variants in the PAF are C-295M variant without the winglets.

Photo credits to svq_lezl and Spotting_fercleo's Instagram pages.

Photo credits to svq_lezl's Instagram page.

Photo credits to Spotting_fercleos's Instagram page.


24 March 2022:

Airbus has started the delivery of the 1st of 3 new CASA C-295W medium tactical transport aircraft for the Philippine Air Force.

Photo below from MaxDefense Philippines community member and aviation photographer from Malta Ruben Zammit shows the C-295W with tail no. 204 in Luqa Airport in Malta, which arrived on 22 March 2022 from Spain.

The aircraft left Malta earlier today and will be making another stop in the Middle East.

Take note that this aircraft was originally scheduled for delivery to the PAF last December 2021, but did not push through due to COVID Omircon spread and tighter controls for air travel in its planned stops.

The C-295W differs from the C-295M already in service with PAF due to its "winglets" on the tip of its wings which improves fuel efficiency.

First C-295W for PAF as seen in Malta, photo credits to Ruben Zammit.


28 March 2022:

The first C-295W tactical transport aircraft for the Philippine Air Force arrived today, 28 March 28 around 1700H Philippines time at Clark Air Base, Mabalacat City in Pampanga.

The aircraft departed Spain on 22 March 2022, with the aircraft conducting several stops along the flight towards the Philippines.

Photo credits to PAF.


06 April 2022:

The Philippine Air Force has inducted to service the first C-295W medium tactical transport aircraft with the 220th Airlift Wing.

Defense Sec. Delfin Lorenzana and PAF Commanding General Lt. Gen. Connor Anthony Canlas led the ceremonies, which also included the induction of the first two T129B ATAK attack helicopters. 

This is the fifth C-295 aircraft in the PAF's inventory, although it is the first "W" variant can be distinguished by its "winglets" at the tip of its wings.

Photos credited to PAF and DND.


20 September 2022:

The second C-295W medium transport aircraft bound for the Philippine Air Force was seen while conducting flight tests in Spain.

With flight tests ongoing, it won't be too long before this aircraft, with tail no 215, will be flying to the Philippines for delivery.

Photo credits to Santiago Blanquez / Jetphotos.


24 September 2022:

Another photo of the 2nd C-295W medium transport aircraft for the Philippine Air Foece with tail no. 215 while undergoing flight tests in Sevilla, Spain.

The aircraft is expected to be delivered to the PAF within 4th quarter 2022.

The aircraft is part of the Medium Lift Aircraft Acquisition Project of the PAF under Horizon 2 phase of RAFPMP.

Photo credits to Spotting Fercleos.


27 October 2022:

The second Airbus-CASA C-295W medium tactical transport aircraft for the Philippine Air Force was spotted in Malta.

The aircraft with tail number 215 arrived at Malta International Airport from Seville, Spain on 25 October 2022. 

The aircraft is on its way to the Philippines for its delivrry flight so expect the aircraft to be in the Philippines anytime soon.

One more C295W will be delivered as part of Airbus' contract under the PAF's Medium Lift Aircraft Acquisition Project, part of the Horizon 2 phase of RAFPMP.

Photo credits to Andrea Rizzo and a MaxDefense PH community member who wish to remain unnamed.


01 November 2022

Seen yesterday at Seville Airport in Spain is the 3rd Airbus CASA C295W for the Philippine Air Force with t/n 217, acquired under the Medium Lift Aircraft Acquisition Project as part of Horizon 2 phase of RAFPMP.

It is probably conducting trials, as the aircraft could have just completed production recently.

Photo credits to Spotter Fercleos @ Instagram.


08 November 2022:

The Philippine Air Force has formally accepted and inducted its 2nd C-295W "winglets" medium tactical transport aircraft together with 2 batteries of SPYDER-MR air defense system.

Pres. Ferdinand R Marcos Jr graced the event wherein he reiterated his support to strengthen the armed forces and continue the AFP Modernization Program.

With this, the PAF officially now have 2 C-295W aircraft in its inventory, and 6 C-295 aircraft regardless of what variant.


03 February 2023:

The third C-295W medium tactical transport aircraft  bound for the Philippine Air Force with t/n 217 has been spotted in Spain.

The first photo shows the aircraft as seen on 11 January 2023 at Seville Airport, while the second photo shows the same aircraft as seen on 01 February 2023 again in Seville.

The photos show that the aircraft is conducting flight tests prior to delivery to the Philippines.

It is highly possible that the aircraft would be leaving Spain for the 


10 February 2023:

The 3rd C-295W "winglets" for the Philippine Air Force has started its delivery ferry flight from Seville, Spain to the Philippines.

The aircraft was spotted in Malta on 07 February 2023, and we expect the aircraft to arrive in the Philippines this weekend, or Monday latest.

Photo credits to Military Aviation Reachout (MAR).


07 March 2023:

Pres. Ferdinand Marcos Jr, wearing an air force flight suit, led the acceptance, turnover and blessing of the 3rd C-295W "winglets" medium tactical transport aircraft to the Philippine Air Force earlier today at Clark Airbase.

MaxDefense Philippines reported late last month that the aircraft, with t/n 217, was already on its way to the Philippines for its delivery from Spain, where it was manufactured by Airbus Military CASA.

The aircraft will join the 220th Airlift Wing, and will eventually replace the Fokker F.27 Friendship that has been in service with the PAF since 1959.

This will be the PAF's 7th C-295 aircraft, as the PAF bought 3 C-295M during the Horizon 1 phase, and a C-295M VIP/C2 aircraft a few years ago, and now the PAF has 3 more C-295W acquired under Horizon 2 phase, which differs from the C-295M for having winglets in its wingtips to increase fuel efficiency.

Also displayed during the event were a Lockheed C-130 Hercules and a Fokker F 27 Friendship aircraft, as well as the SPYDER Philippines Air Defense System (SPADS).

Photo credits to Noy Morcoso of Inquirer.net.

Photo credits to Bea Bernardo of PTV4.


With all three Airbus Military CASA C-295W medium tactical transport aircraft already delivered and inducted to the Philippine Air Force as of 07 March 2023., 
MaxDefense and Philippine Defense Resource officially consider the Medium Lift Aircraft (Phase 2) Acquisition Project of the Philippine Air Force as COMPLETED.

x x x x x x x x x x x 

First edit and release: 10 June 2020 @ MaxDefense Philippines
Copyright MaxDefense Philippines / Philippine Defense Resource

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