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Multi-Purpose Armored Personnel Carrier with Accessories Acquisition Project (2018) of the PNP Special Action Force

The Philippine National Police - Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) embarked on the acquisition of additional new wheeled armored vehicles to beef up its light armor capability due to the decreasing serviceability of its existing fleet of Cadillac Gage V-150 Commando wheeled armored vehicles, and the need for more protected mobility capability especially in high risk areas.

In 2017, the PNP-SAF already requested for a first batch of 6 wheeled armored vehicles, which resulted to the acquisition of the Shladot MDT Tiger Mk.2 wheeled armored vehicles from Israel.

In 2018, the PNP-SAF again requested for another batch of wheeled armored personnel carriers, this time with a higher budget for 16 new vehicles.

The Gaia Amir 4x4, with an RCWS for 12.7mm HMG and 40mm AGL. Photo taken from Gaia Automotive's website.

Project Summary:

Multi-Purpose Armored Personnel Carrier with Accessories (SAF-2018-95) Acquisition Project

Note: Edited as of 09 November 2020.

* End User: Philippine National Police (Special Action Force)

* Quantity: 16 4x4 Wheeled Armored Personnel Carriers in different variants

* Project ABC: Php618,213,470.00
Acquisition Mode: Public Bidding

* Source of Funding: PNP GAA 2018

* Winning Proponent: Joint Venture of Stone of David Corp. (Philippines) and Gaia Automotive Industries (Israel)

Product for Delivery: 
  * 16 units Gaia Amir 4x4 wheeled armored vehicle with the following configurations:
     * 7 units with RCWS for 50-caliber heavy machine gun and 40mm automatic grenade launcher;
     * 7 units with RCWS for 50-caliber heavy machine gun only
     * 2 units with mobile assault ramp
  * Spare barrels for heavy machine guns
  * 103,000 rounds of 50-caliber linked ammunition
  * 7,000 rounds of 40mm grenade linked ammunition
  * 6 towing bars        

* Contract Price: Php596,344,000.00

* First post by MaxDefense: 27 November 2018

* MaxDefense Searching Hashtag: #PNPSAF201994 #PNPMPAPCAcquisition

* Status: NOA released in favor of Joint Venture of Stone of David Corp. and Gaia Automotive Industries on 14 December 2018, Contract signed and NTP released on 17 December 2018. Delivered to the PNP-SAF originally scheduled by 3rd quarter 2019, delayed and now expecting delivery starting November 2020.

U P D A T E S:

27 November 2018:

The Philippine National Police Special Action Force conducted the Bid Opening this morning for the acquisition of 1 lot Multi-Purpose Armored Vehicle & Accessories with an ABC of Php618,213,470.00. 

The project calls for 2 armored vehicles with a mobile assault ramp, 7 armored vehicles with a RCWS for 40mm grenade launcher and 50cal heavy machine gun, and 7 armored vehicles with an RCWS for 50-cal heavy machine gun, spare barrels for the heavy machine guns, 103,000 rounds of 50-cal linked ammunition, 7,000 rounds of 40mm linked grenade ammunition, and 6 towing bars.

3 proponents submitted their bids and here are the results:

Lowest Bidder: Stone of David Corporation - Gaia Philippines;

2nd Lowest Bidder: Kolonwel Trading - Chaiseri Metal and Rubber Co Ltd Thailand Joint Venture;

A 3rd bidder, LSV - Tar Ideal Joint Venture, was disqualified for not meeting certain requirements.

SODCorp-Gaia is expected to field their Gaia Amir 4x4 armored vehicle, while Kolonwel - Chaiseri is also expected to field the Chaiseri First Win 4x4 armored vehicle. The Gaia Amir is currently in use by the Israel Defense Forces, while the Chaiseri First Win is in use with the Royal Thai Army, the Malaysian Army, and Thai Ministry of Justice.

As in all other biddings, a Post Qualification Inspection (PQI) will be conducted soon by the PNP-SAF soon, with SODCorp-Gaia PH having the first chance to pass it. If they pass, an award will be given to them. If they fail, Kolonwel-Chaiseri would be given the chance to undergo the PQI and pass it. If they also fail, this bidding will be considered a failed bid.

Good luck to all accepted bidders. Photos credited to original sources and are for reference only.


17 December 2018:

MaxDefense Philippines released a new blog entry discussing the awarding of the Multi-Purpose Armored Personnel Carrier with Accessories Acquisition Project of the PNP Special Action Force to the Joint Venture of Stone of David Corp. and Gaia Automotive Industires.

The blog can be accessed on the link provided below:

"Israel's GAIA awarded to supply Amir 4x4 MRAP for the PNP-Special Action Force" - first posted on 17 December 2018.


29 December 2018:
MaxDefense was able to speak to one Gaia Automotive's top official, which confirmed that the local branch, which would be officially named GAIA Automotive Philippines, was finalized this week and will be opening their local armored vehicle manufacturing and fabrication plant this coming February 2019.

In addition, we received confirmation that GAIA will be bringing in an Amir 4x4 MRAP and 2 Thunder 4x4 light armored vehicles to the Philippines by April 2019, which we mentioned last September 2018 with our information from their CEO Mr. Shlomi Shraga in Israel, although the date was moved due to circumstances.

Their local presence would enable GAIA to compete better in projects with the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police, and in regional requirements for light armored vehicles. It would be remembered that GAIA just won a contract to supply 16 Amir 4x4 MRAPs to the Philippine National Police - Special Action Force (PNP-SAF) for their Light APC requirement.

MaxDefense thanks GAIA Automotive Philippines for this information and trust on us to deliver the news!

Photo taken from GAIA Automotive Industries Ltd.'s official website.

Gaia Automotive's offerings, the Typhoon (1st and 2nd vehicles from left) and the Amir (3rd vehicle from left). Photo from Gaia Automotive.


10 November 2020:

MaxDefense Philippines posted this photo, apparently one of the Amir 4x4 armored vehicles bound for the PNP-SAF before it was painted to specified paint scheme.

Photo exclusively shared to MaxDefense Philippines/

The delivery of the 1st batch of Amir 4x4s are expected to happen soon, as MaxDefense Philippines confirmed that the vehicles are already at sea on its way to the Philippines.


12 November 2020:

In addition to the photo of the Gaia Amir 4x4 armored vehicle for the PNP-SAF as shown above, MaxDefense Philippines shares another batch of photos, this time showing 2 examples with the Assault Ramp and in final PNP-SAF paint scheme.

Photos were shared exclusively to MaxDefense Philippines (and by extension to Philippine Defense Resource).

According to source, the photos were taken as they were brought to pier for shipment to the Philippines, and these vehicles could be arriving soon as the photos were taken a few weeks ago.

First posted and released on 09 November 2020
Copyright MaxDefense Philippines / Philippine Defense Resource

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