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11.5-meter High Speed Response Boat Small Acquisition Project of the Philippine Coast Guard

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has embarked on the acquisition of small fibreglass boats that would be used for different maritime law enforcement and search & rescue related missions, under the 11.5-meter High Speed Response Boats Small Acquisition Project.

MaxDefense Philippines thanks one of its contributors known as Herbie in the old Timawa forums, for making the research on the project for the community. 

The first unit with hull number 1101 from Pacificfortia Marine Technologies. Photo credits to DOTr, shared by Herbie.

Project Summary:

11.5-meter High Speed Response Boat Small Acquisition Project

Note: Edited as of 18 March 2023:

* End User: Philippine Coast Guard

* Quantity: 40 nos.

* Project ABC: Php1,287,504,000.00

* Acquisition Mode: Public Bidding

* Source of Funding: DOTr GAA 2018

* SARO Release: TBC

* Winning Proponent: originally Pacificfortia Marine Technologies Inc., contract terminated and project for re-procurement.

* Product for Delivery: Originally 40 nos. High Speed Response Boat Small based on Pacificfortia's design, but contract terminated and project for re-procurement.

* Contract Price: Originally Pacificfortia Marine's offer was Php1,195,800,000.00, but contract terminated and project for re-procurement.

* Difference between ABC and Contract Price: Originally Php91,704,000.00

* Expected Delivery Date: 1st tranche 210 calendar days from NTP, 2nd trache 360 days from NTP, full delivery by 20 January 2020, moved to 23 May 2020 as per DOTr's monitoring.

* First post by MaxDefense: 08 November 2018

* Searching Hashtag: #PCG12mHSRBSAcquisition

* Status: Notice of Award (NOA) released 26 December 2018 in favor of Pacificfortia Marine Technologies. Notice to Proceed (NTP) released 25 January 2019. Expected delivery of 1st tranche on or before late September 2019, 2nd tranche on or before late January 2020. No deliveries made as of December 2020. Contract with Pacificfortia Marine Technologies was terminated and company blacklisted for failure to deliver the boats.


The project aims to have 40 units of High Speed Response boats with hulls made of Fiberglass Reinforcement Plastic (FRP) and with a length of between 11 meters to 12 meters. It is required to have a breadth of not less than 3.5 meters and a draft between 0.7 – 1.0 meter. 

It is the PCG's equivalent to the US Coast Guard's 8-meter Response Boat Small Mk. 2, and the larger 14-meter Response Boat Medium, and are expected to perform similar utilitarian duties as its American counterpart.

It could also be compared to the 14-meter patrol boats given by the US government to Vietnam.

The US Coast Guard's 8-meter Response Boat Small Mk. II (RB-S2) from Metal Shark (top), and the 14-meter Response Boat Medium (RB-M) from Vigor Industries (above) were used as a basis for the PCG's High Speed Response Boat Small project. Mission profile and even its external features look similar too despite the PCG's boat being larger than the RB-S2 and smaller than RB-M. Photos taken from Baird Marine for RB-S2, and Vigor Industrial's website for the RB-M.

These high speed boats have the following missions:

* Maritime Security (MARSEC)
* Maritime Law Enforcement (MARLEN)
* Maritime Safety (MARSAF)
* Maritime Environmental Protection (MAREP)
* Maritime Search and Rescue (MASAR)
* Maritime Patrol
* Vessel Boarding, Search and Seizure (VBSS)

Basic Technical Requirements for the boats are as follows:

Minimum of three (3) Outboard Motors, 4-stroke, Gasoline-fed Engines

    a. A Fully enclosed Main Cabin (Pilot House) complete with Operator's Control Console and Navigator Control Console. 
    b. 6-Bolster / Seat Type Seats and two 2-man bench seating

Not less than 3,850 kqs

    a. Minimum speed 35 knots.
    b. Full Speed not less than 40 knots at full load condition

    a. Can withstand and still functional at sea state 3 condition
    b. Survivability at sea state 4 condition

    a. Three (3) mounts (1 fwd and 2 aft) with universal adaptor capable for holding 50 cal, M60 or AGL.
    b. Radar, 19", 36 NM Range
    c. Marine VHF Radio interfaced to Electronic Navigation System, GPS and AIS
    d. MOBI - Man Overboard Indicator System with 5 sensors (Pilot, Navigator, (3) Gunner)
    e. Wireless Intercom System (or equal) - (5) positions - Navigator, Coxswain, one by forward gun position and one cash by aft gun position (2 total at aft area)
    f. Dual Trumpet Marine Grade Navigation Horn
    g. Illuminated Magnetic compass

Boat Fendering System:
    a. Boat Sheer Lines Fendering system ("D" Shape), 20 inches min flat area shall be closed cell solid Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foam.
    b. Color
Twenty-eight (28) units– Tube: International Orange/ Structure: Eggshell white
Twelve (12) units– Tube: Dark Gray/ Structure: Light Gray

Ilustration from PCG on what the High Speed Response Boat Small would probably look at, including the color scheme as required. Photo screengrabbed from Bid documents.

* Boat Trailer
* Spares

Delivery Period:
First tranche: First Twenty (20) units within first One Hundred Eighty (180) calendar days upon issuance of Notice to Proceed (NTP). 

Second Tranche: Remaining Twenty (20) units to be delivered within the succeeding sixty (60) calendar days after the first tranche of delivery. 

Warranty Period:
Five (5) Years (Spare Parts and Technical Support/After Sales) 

Personnel training for the use of equipment and boat maintenance for a duration up to three (3) days with at least 4 students each. 

Delivery Location:

Other requirements:
All FRP components i.e Hull, Deck, Cabin, Girder and Bulkhead are required to be manufactured in the Philippines. The Company with manufacturing  facility of FRP shall be approved by the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) as a Class-A Boat Builder.

Assembly, components and equipment of the boat other than FRP, shall be procured in any country or continent of the listed below: 
a. Europe 
b. Australia 
c. Japan 
d. United States of America 
e. France 
f. Israel
g. Canada

Metal Shark's Defiant 38 is similar to the PCG's High Speed Response Boat Small in terms of specs and capabilities. Photo taken from Metal Shark's website.


10 January 2019:

PhilGEPS has finally posted the tender results for the 11.5-meter High Speed Response Boat Small acquisition project.

Pacificfortia Marine Technoligies Inc. based in Malabon City was declared the winning propoent with a submitted contract price of Php1,195,800,000.00.

The Notice of Award (NOA) has been released on 26 December 2018. It is expected that the Contract will be signed anytime soon, and the Notice to Proceed released.

The PhilGEPS notice informing the awarding of the tender to Pacificfortia Marine. Photo shared by Herbie, taken from PhilGEPS website.


10 February 2019:

The Notice to Proceed (NTP) for the project was released on 25 January 2019, which will be the basis for the delivery deadlines for Pacificfortia Marine Technologies. This means that the 1st tranche will have a deadline of 240 days from the NTP rease date, which is around 22 September 2019, while the 2nd tranche would have a delivery deadline of around 24 January 2020.

The copy of the NTP from the PCG, received by Pacificfortia Marine Technologies on 25 January 2019. Photo shared by Herbie.


03 April 2021:

MaxDefense PH received a photo from one of its contributor showing what the actual unit may look like.

Photos below, taken from the Department of Transportation and shared to MaxDefense PH by Herbie, show the first boat with hull number 1101, which means the PCG has classified the boat as 11-meters long.

Photos show the first unit, with hull number 1101 on dispaly together with a towing trailer. It also appears that a 2nd unit was already under construction. Photo date is unknown. Photo credits to Department of Transportation, shared by Herbie to MaxDefense PH.

So far, there are no indication that Pacificfortia has completed delivery of all 40 units as of December 2020, despite a delivery completion date as mandated by contract by 23 May 2020.


18 March 2023:

We received confirmation from industry sources that the contract between the Philippine Coast Guard and Pacificfortia Marine Technologies was cancelled and terminated due to the later's inability to deliver the boats as per contract terms and conditions.

Pacificfortia was also blacklisted from taking part in government tenders due to this failure.

The project is now on hold and will be offered for bidding again soon.

First edit and release: 02 February 2020
Copyright MaxDefense Philippines / Herbie / Philippine Defense Resource

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