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Land Based Missile System Acquisition Project of the Philippine Army

The Philippine Army is in the process of acquiring its first long range missile systems to allow it to engage targets beyond the country's shore against enemy warships, or depending on the missiles available, to strike land targets.

The Land Based Missile System (LBMS) Acquisition Project, which is a Horizon 2 phase Priority Project under the Revised AFP Modernization Program, is the successor to the cancelled Shore Based Missile System (SBMS) Acquisition Project back in 2015.

Its objective it to provide the Philippine Army a long range tactical capability to defend the country from foreign naval threats especially those directly threatening the Philippine mainland. 

The BrahMos Mobile Autonomous Launcher (MAL) carrying the BrahMos supersonic surface-to-surface missile.
Project Summary:

Land Based Missile System (LBMS) Acquisition Project

Note: Edited as of 31 October 2019.

* End User: Philippine Army (Army Artillery Regiment)

* Quantity: 2 batteries

* Modernization Phase: 2nd List of Horizon 2 Phase of RAFPMP

* Project ABC:

Acquisition Mode: Government-to-Government deal, eyed with Indian government

* Source of Funding: TBA, possibly soft loan

* SARO Release: TBA

* Winning Proponent: TBA

Product for Delivery: TBA

* Contract Price: 

* First post by MaxDefense: 

* MaxDefense Searching Hashtag: #PALBMSAcquisition

* Status: negotiations ongoing with BrahMos Aerospace and Indian government, consider under pre-procurement phase. Awaiting presentation to Senior Leaders for approval.

U P D A T E S:

31 October 2019:
MaxDefense released a blog entry explaining the LBMS project in detail, including its history and changes from the previous SBMS project.

It can be accessed on the link provided below:

The BrahMos Supersonic Missile System and the Philippine Army's Land Based Missile System Project" - first posted on 31 October 2019


01 November 2019:
MaxDefense received confirmation from a source that the Army's Land Based Missile System Acquisition Project is still being prepared for presentation to Senior AFP Leaders, which means to the AFP Chief of Staff and other senior officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

This means that the other similar project (which we will name later on) is moving ahead first but quietly.

The Philippine Army publicly announced their interest in the BrahMos missile system, plus the activation of their 1st LBMS Battery which triggered interest of the public in the plans of the Philippine Army to acquire the Brahmos missile system.

Meanwhile the other branch of service was totally silent, not releasing any public statement or press release, yet have reached an important milestone as it was among those presented to the Senior Leaders Meeting last 30 October 2019.

First post and edit: 31 October 2019
Copyright MaxDefense Philippines / Philippine Defense Resource

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